Game 1: Ashdod Edges Ramla
Orli Klinger ,04/19/2012
Game 1 of the Finals provided a real thriller in an excellent atmosphere in Ashdod, who played a great 1st half only to see the lead vanish in the 2nd. Ashdod scored the final four points of the game to get a 58-56 win and a 1-0 lead in the series.

Ashdod 58 - Ramla 56
We're still not 100% sure it's over, cause when playing against Ramla you always feel like they're a split second away from finding a way to win. Ashdod led by 11 after a terrific first half, but Ramla used aggressive defense all the way back to take a 56-54 lead with 90 seconds to go. Merav Dori with her only field goal of the day along with free throws from Plenette Pierson & Tamera Young helped Ashdod hang on and get a very important 1-0 advantage in the finals.

If someone would have predicted Ramla would have just one player with more than 4 points at the half it wouldn't seem believable, especially if they said that player would be Le'Coe Willingham. Ramla just could not execute its game plan in the 1st half as Ashdod showed a lot of energy and got 10 steals in the process. Young was excellent on both ends of the floor, so was Pierson, Kolodny & Elohim got theirs and that led to nearly 40 points in one half against the defending champions.

Ramla came back to tie the score at the end of the 3rd, trailed again by 5 mid way through the 4th but regained the lead 56-54 with 1:30 to go following Wright's 3 and Beard's duece. Dori with a huge bucket, Pierson with a steal that led to a questionable unsportsmanlike foul on Young, and Pierson again with great defense inside and a huge rebound secured the win for Ashdod.

For Maccabi Ashdod:
Tamera Young 18 pts, 8 rebs
Plenette Pierson 15 pts, 13 rebs, 5 stl
Naomi Kolodny 8 pts
Brasheeda Elohim 5 pts
Ashley Shields 5 pts
Brittany Denson 5 pts
Merav Dori 2 pts

For Elizur Ramla:
Tanisha Wright 13 pts, 7 tos
Le'Coe Willingham 12 pts, 9 rebs
Alana Beard 8 pts
Amber Harris 8 pts
Laine Selwyn 7 pts, 8 rebs, 6 tos
Michal Epstein 4 pts
Katia Levitsky 4 pts

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