All the Records from Ashkelon
Shlomi Peri ,04/04/2007
The 70-minute game from Ashkelon broke so many records... "Safsal" went to its archives and collected them for you...

The previous Israeli record was 4 overtime, on October 10th 1983, when Ironi Ramat Gan defeated Galil Elyon 105-100.

Another league record broken was total points for both team: 297 points. The previous one was held since 87/88 season, when Maccabi Tel Aviv crushed Elitzur Ramla 162-103.

In their previous 3 home games, Ashkelon has played not less than 10 overtime sessions: Double-OT in both of their last games against Givat Shmuel and Ramat Gan.

The game lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes!

Nice story who'll show you the excitement in the end: The reporter of "Ma'ariv" newspaper was locked inside the stadium by the end of the game, and missed his final bus home. Luckily for him, Jerusalem management was so happy that they gave him a ride home...

Mario Austin who scored a team-high 35 points, had only 6 in the end of regulation! He added 29 in the extra time!

Jerusalem's 40 attempts from downtown mark a new league record, previously held by Hapoel Zefat who threw 37 three's on 00/01 season in a game without overtime.

The teams broke the league's record for team rebounds: Jerusalem 70, Ashkelon 60. The former high was 56 rebounds by Haifa BC, when Stanley Brundy alone took 24 boards.

Jerusalem's 63 free throws attempted break Ramat Gan's record of 57, which was set just last season on April 16th, in 101-98 overtime win over Rishon.

Ashkelon's 78 attempts from 2-point land break Ramat Hasharon's record from 15 years ago - 72 shots in a 65-102 loss to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Ashkelon' 110 shots from the floor and Jerusalem's 104 are now the top 2 ever. The previous record was tied last year, when Hapoel Tel Aviv had 84 field goal attempts in a triple overtime loss in Nahariya.

Mario Austin's 27 trips to the line, break Amir Katz record from 92/93 season, when he connected on 21 on 24 foul shots. He did it in just 40 minutes.

Marcus Hatten's 65 minutes played and 36 field goal attempts are of course a new record which will probably stand for years.

In the end of 6th OT, after their entire backcourt has fouled out, Jerusalem played with the following unortodoxed lineup: Guy Pniny (2.00 m), Jurica Golemac (2.09), Terence Morris (2.06), Mario Austin (2.05) and Erez Markovich (2.07).

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