Rishon Inks Moore
Shlomi Peri ,10/16/2006
Reggie Moore, who played the last two seasons in Portugal and started this year in Giessen of Germany, has signed with Maccabi Rishon.

Maccabi Rishon has inked Reggie Moore (25.5, 2.03 m), a forward which was supposed to play with Kiryat Ata two years ago, but the team gave up the Premier League rights and let him go.

Moore, who graduated from Oral Roberts in 2003, has played in Norway and the USBL, before finding a nice home in Belenses of Portugal, for which he played back-to-back seasons. Last year, he led the TMN league with 22.2 points per game, along to 6.7 boards, 2.5 assists, 38% 3-pt. FG and 85% free throws, which made him the MVP of the league.

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