Hajaj Saved Jerusalem in Day 1
Safsal ,10/29/2007
Lamont Jones, with 14 assists, led Gilboa/Afula to a 14-point lead with 12 minutes to go, but Dror Hajaj took over and led Jerusalem's late comeback, which ended with a 92-84 win.

The first quarter showed no defences whatsover. Jerusalem scored 9 of their first 10 field goals and Arnold with 15 points led them to a 27-25 lead after 10 minutes.

Gilboa/Afula, with Jones who had a double-digit number in his assist column before the break, recovered from a 10-point deficit in the second quarter, and with a huge third quarter took a 14-point lead!

Coach Shamir sent 4 Israelis to the floor, led by Hajaj who came off the bench, and together with the crowd's excitement, the Reds started to come from behind. Afula lost their head, and back-to-back treys by Hajaj sealed the deal, 92-84.


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